Friday, August 12, 2016

What makes a frog?

What makes a frog? Why does Kermit the Frog have "frog" in his name? Does Kermit even look like a real frog? If a frog looked like Kermit can you imagine what a veterinarian would be thinking? 

Goodness did that frog swallow a crown? Is that a collar or contagious growth around his neck? 

Why does Kermit have human like features? Anthropomorphism is when you apply human characteristics to an object, animal, or supernatural being. The reason that artists and authors do this is to create a relatable character. 

Often theme parks will create toys and cartoon like images of orcas to psychologically relate to children. When you look at the cartoon versus the reality of a real life orca there is a very different interpretation of what these creatures are. The cartoon orca is happy and fun. The real orca is majestic and powerful. Contextually these images can have very different meanings. 

Pick one of your favorite cartoon characters and draw it. Now draw its real counterpart. Write what characteristics were carried over from the real to the cartoon. Analyze and Interpret why you think the artists made those design choices.