Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Political Cartoons Due...

Cartoons are due Monday November 20th and for classes that meet the next day on the 21st.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Politcal Cartoons

Caricature is directly related to political cartoons. So click on the link below and see what we are doing for an extended jumpstart.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Music Caricatures

Now we reviewed how to draw facial anatomy...

We can start telling a story with our caricatures about who they are.

We can push the likeness with gesture to sell what their music is about.

Does the body language reflect personality?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fear Factor

In order to gain success we have to push through our fears of failure. As an extended jumpstart we are to draw something we are afraid of. The reason is that as artists, we are creators, who are in control. Your fears can't harm you if you are creating a controlled environment for them. You can even make them silly. 

The point is that students are being taught that many of the things we feared when we were small we no longer fear because we learned to gain control of those things in our lives. Such as, if you fear the dark, when you get older you simply turn on the light switch. The light switch we are using in our classes is our minds.

In addition, art is communication. Communication tied to emotion can be more powerful. So we are also exploring how to tie emotion to our images. Please draw your image to be at least 5 by 7 inches.

These are due October 27th.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Musical Caricatures!

We are pretending we have been hired by Rolling Stone Magazine to produce a short biographical magazine article about a musical artist we have an opinion about. This article should include a short write up and an illustration. 

The above image is provided by Sebastian Kruger. Kruger is a brilliant caricature artist. Remember the key to caricature is to exaggerate to tell a story.  So pick someone you have a strong opinion about. 

The above image is another amazing image by Kruger. However, this is not a caricature. This is a portrait. There is no exaggeration going on here. 

This picture of Hendrix by Kruger is a caricature. Notice the form is not as anatomically precise. The approach to Hendrix's form almost makes Hendrix look "cool". We, the audience, have to look up at Hendrix in respect, and he is looking down back at us. The expression in the face is not condescending, but aloof and serious at the same time. This picture gives a feeling, and attitude.

Your image should have feeling and attitude. Below are examples of Kruger capturing the feeling an opinion he had of the following musicians. Your image should capture that as well.

Michael Stipe

Stephen Tyler

Axl Rose 

Mick Jagger

Johnny Cash

Tina Turner

Janis Joplin

David Bowie

Robert Johnson


So you are going to draw 3 facial studies of a musician that will be due by Friday. Your choice doesn't have to be your favorite musician. It has to be someone you have an opinion about.

You will also need to research your musician. Make sure you can answer these questions... Who are they? What makes them important? Why does their music matter? Where do they perform? How does their music reflect who they are? When did their music matter?