Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Intro to Caricature: Chris Payne

Today we are looking at the modern illustration master C.F. Payne (http://www.cfpayne.com/). Payne has been compared to being a modern day Norman Rockwell. His ability to capture likeness, but push those traits to create a better story are legendary.

What is caricature? Caricature is a drawing that is exaggerates appearance to enhance story.
It is important to realize that caricature is an exaggeration not a distortion. Think about how hot it is when the air condition is broken. It’s hot. Saying something is hot doesn’t necessarily get across how it feels. Is it melt a volcano hot? Or is it more like, “Mom, my popsicle melted!” warm. Exaggeration at times can be more truthful than reality because of how we feel.

 People, objects, and animals can all be caricatured. As all of these story elements are routinely exaggerated to create a mood or make a statement.

Remember to find an amazing picture of an animal.