Monday, January 23, 2017

Creature Creation for Sci/FI Fantasy and Surrealism

Ahoy there my visual adventurers! 

You are going to create a new creature. It can be alien or it could be created on this planet. The catch is like great concept art featuring fantasy or alien creatures, it must be a combination of at least 3 existing creatures found on this planet. 

So things I will be looking for in this assignment. 

  1. A name for your creature and where it exists.
  2. A short explanation of what 3 creatures on this planet you took reference from
  3. It draw in full detail on a seperate piece of paper that can be posted for a critque.
  4. All the fundemental art rules apply such as borders, value, contours, etc. 
  5. I will be looking to see if you used good reference sources...Any questions ask Ferrell