Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Robert Ebb Jumpstart!

We watched this... You may want to watch it again...again..again..(you get the idea.)

You are to create a 5" by 7" tight value sketch of a movie poster for this short film. This will be critiqued and will be due Monday, February 27th.

Remember Mind Maps may help you with this project.

Thought trees and mind mapping can overcome being stuck.

Rubric For Grading this Project:

1. You follow the principles of design as listed on your Syllabus with a keen focus on the following areas:

  • Gesture
  • Value
  • Compositional Storytelling
  • Design Hierarchies
  • Good use of Reference

2. You final product is 5" by 7" and have a border

3. Image must contain a symbols or representational images that reflect the story of
    The Elaborate End of Robert Ebb.

Remember the best work will be shared with the actual movie directors!