Sunday, August 27, 2017

We are going to begin a Special Project Inspired by Peter De Seve and Chris Ayers

We are learning how to appreciate form and story tell with it by exaggerating it through the art of caricature. In doing this, we'll be studying master illustrators and concept artists Peter DeSeve and Chris Ayers.

We will be learning the proper process for studying form so we can manipulate it.

Once you understand a form you'll have the ability to add a personality and punch up its expressions. Look at the study of a whale below by DeSeve.

Chris Ayers is also a master of form who also uses animals as a device for story telling. 

A key technique is adding human characteristics to the animal forms being exaggerated. We know what exhaustion feels like, but what does it look like? How can we make our viewer feel that feeling too. 

The more you can bring your personal experience into your work the more your audience will be able to relate to it, and 

An important writing trick is to write what you know. Well no one can experience everything, but we can have similar feelings as almost anyone and exploring this can give us the power to convey almost anyone's story. We have to find our link so that we can convey that link to our audience.

Ask these questions:

Who am I trying to convey?
How do you think they feel about their lot in life?
Have I ever felt that way, and what did I look like when I did?
How do I make what they feel like more convincing to my audience?