Monday, March 19, 2018


There are many kinds of perspective. Not so ironically a great place to start is one point perspective. 

One Point Perspective
When we look the towards the horizon line (where the earth meets the sky) our focus continues to a point that effects the objects we see. By understanding this we can create depth or the illusion of distance. 

The easiest example to see this demonstrated is by looking at a train track. When you see what you know are two parallel lines converge because of distance .

Comic book artists use perspective drawing to create story. This view is obviously from something flying in the sky,.,, bird, plane, superman? 

Two Point Perspective

In two point perspective, there is one horizon lines, but two vanishing points. Each vanishing point remains on the horizon line, yet they can move closer or farther apart. It helps to define the corner or angle first and then draw your lines back to the vanishing points.

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